AC systems have an installation flaw

90% of Arizona AC Systems Have an Installation Flaw

Did you know that there is a 90% chance you have an improperly installed air conditioning system? It’s true. A full 90% of AC systems have an installation flaw that causes them to operate inefficiently, break down more frequently, and have premature failure rates. And of course, when an AC system has not been installed properly, it wastes money for the homeowner. That’s why, at Intelligent Design, we only send out certified, experienced HVAC technicians to our customers’ homes. We’ll make sure the job gets done right the first time, because your family’s comfort is our top priority.

Study: Most AC Systems Have an Installation Flaw

There have been a few studies in the past couple of decades evaluating the efficiency of central AC systems. These studies have taken a look at the performance of the AC system right after it has been produced by the factory. Then, after the same system is installed by a licensed, bonded company right here in Arizona, its operational efficiency is analyzed again. The results of these studies are alarming. They indicate that 90% of AC systems have an installation flaw that can lead to significant consequences for the homeowner.

Situation: The Common Types of Installation Flaws

Many things can go wrong when installing a central AC unit. It’s a complex piece of machinery with many moving parts, and it’s essential that the installers have years of experience and in-depth knowledge of HVAC equipment. One of the most common problems is incorrect sizing or tonnage. This often boils down to the HVAC company failing to take the time to properly measure the home, evaluate the family’s needs, and recommend an appropriate size and tonnage.

In other cases, the HVAC company failed to properly evaluate the existing ductwork. Ductwork is often leaky and needs to be repaired before a new AC system gets installed. Yet, many technicians don’t take the time to do this. Other AC systems have an installation flaw because they have received an incorrect refrigerant charge and they display incorrect airflow.

Problems: Here’s What Happens When AC Systems Have an Installation Flaw

So why exactly is it problematic when AC systems have an installation flaw? First, the system won’t be as energy-efficient as it could be. This is especially true if the ductwork is leaking or if the system is sized incorrectly for the home, which can result in short cycling. Energy efficiency is important for the environment, and it’s also important for your wallet. In fact, roughly half of your electric bill could be attributable to improper installation flaws and leaky ductwork.

Another problem is that when AC systems have an installation flaw, they will break down more frequently and require expensive repairs. Improperly installed AC systems will have a shorter lifespan than those installed properly. This means you can expect to invest thousands of dollars in a new system much sooner than you should have to.

Beyond the financial implications of installation flaws of AC systems, it’s quite likely that your family’s comfort will suffer. Remember that incorrectly installed systems often involve incorrect airflow. This means that the airflow throughout the home is inconsistent or uneven. You might have a frigid living room, but an uncomfortably warm bedroom. And if your home isn’t separated into different cooling zones, you might end up turning the thermostat down excessively just to try to cool off the hotter part of the home.

Solutions: Here’s What You Can Do If Your AC Systems Have an Installation Flaw

So if 90% of AC systems have an installation flaw, what’s the solution? Some homeowners might simply decide to put up with the problems, figuring they won’t be able to fix them until it’s time to get a new AC system installed. However, at Intelligent Design, we believe your family and your budget deserve better.

If your electric bills are too high, your AC breaks down frequently, you have poor indoor air quality, or your home is cooled unevenly, you can give us a call to request an audit. Our certified HVAC technicians can perform a whole house energy audit to figure out exactly where the installation flaws are. Then, we’ll explain your options for correcting the problems.

Are you fed up with wasting your hard-earned money in energy inefficient air conditioning, leaky ductwork, and frequent HVAC repairs? It’s time to call Intelligent Design of Tucson at (520) 333 2665. Each of our HVAC technicians is fully certified with an average of 17 years’ experience in the AC installation business. We offer a free estimate on all new AC installations, and we’ll make sure your system is installed properly. In the event your existing AC systems have an installation flaw, we’ll offer customized recommendations for correcting the problem. If you have any more questions, then call us today!

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