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Living in Tucson, AZ it is important to have your air conditioner (AC) up and running. If your AC has not been working its best (or if it’s not working at all), contact our expert HVAC technicians at Intelligent Design Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing, and Electric for the best air conditioning service in Tucson, AZ. Our trusted air conditioning repair team is available 24/7, so you won’t have to wait to restore your comfort at home. We can provide you with the fast and effective quality service you need!

In Tucson, AZ the good reputation of an HVAC company is very important. At Intelligent Design, we have earned the trust of the Tucson community with our straightforward approach to customer service. Once you have called Intelligent Design to resolve any heating cooling issues in your house, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your AC unit is in the right hands.

Our HVAC technicians are highly experienced and qualified. They are continuously training in HVAC systems technology.


Southern Arizona Air Conditioning Systems Repair Services

Why do residential air conditioners fail? There are a few common reasons why this happens. If the unit is not kicking on at all, then there may be a power issue. Air conditioners do need large surges of power to run, so they can trip a circuit breaker or blow a fuse—especially during summer heat waves when the unit may be running almost nonstop.

People often ask, “Why is my air conditioning unit not cooling?” Dirt, ice buildup, and moisture can all be culprits behind air conditioner malfunctions. If components become clogged with dirt or moisture, then air cannot move efficiently through your system. Components may become damaged by these types of clogs and buildup. As a result, you may notice less air flowing through your vents or vents blowing air that is not properly cooled.



Best Air Conditioning System Repair Companies in Tucson AZ

When you call Intelligent Design for Air conditioning system repairs, our HVAC technicians will determine if you need emergency AC repair service, or if the issue may be resolved the following business day. After our team of service technicians arrive at your home, they will assess the indoor air conditioning unit as well as the ventilation and thermostat to determine where your issue is originating. During this process, the service technicians will check the level of refrigerant in your system and look for any possible leaks. Low refrigerant is often the cause of slow system leaks, which will need professional service to identify and repair.

By choosing Intelligent Design for your HVAC services, you can rest assured that the problem will be identified quickly. You can also expect that we’ll do the job right the first time. Our HVAC technicians average about 17 years of experience each, so they have seen all HVAC systems issue imaginable. If our team cannot repair your system—or if your Air Conditioning Unit is more than 10 years old and needs significant repair to run again—then we can recommend the right replacement unit and install it in your home.


Every air conditioning system will experience regular wear and tear, so every system will need to be serviced and repaired. However, you can reduce your chances of an HVAC emergency by scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance with Intelligent Design. With seasonal maintenance to check for clogs, faulty components, and leaks, you can rest easy knowing that your system is working at its best. If you are in need of AC repair in Tucson, then it’s time to call us!

Intelligent Design has been rated the number one HVAC company in Tucson for the last 7 years in a row. You can trust our team of professionals for all your heating cooling needs! For Tucson AC repair from licensed professionals and a 100% satisfaction guarantee, call Intelligent Design. You can reach us at (520) 333-2665 for AC repair service at any time, 24/7.

As the leading HVAC Contractors we have been proudly serving the Tucson Community by repairing and maintaining their air conditioning systems to improve the air quality in their house and also save on the energy bills.

What people say about our Tucson AC Repair service

Jacob J was awesome, he had our drain working better than it did when we moved in.
Steve Bush
Steve Bush
Ben and Chris are a good team and work well together. On time and don’t cut corners on the roofing side of this business side . They are detailed and send pictures and stay in contact with the home owner the whole way and let you know what is going on and what’s needed .Nice team with these 2 guys .
jean vreyens
jean vreyens
Kenny came out to do a second opinion on our ac that D&H stated it would cost $3,500. Kenny did a check and fixed it for $281 as the other place D&H miss diagnosed. Kenny did an excellent job and know everything works perfect. Thank you so much Kenny.
brent johnson
brent johnson
I want to thank Intelligent Design for repairing our heating unit. We were quoted by another company who wanted 3500.00 to fix the problem the company had misdiagnosed it. They are a saving grace to use we can thank you enough. We appreciate that the Technician had the knowledge that he has 😊 Thank you so much
Anissa Johnson
Anissa Johnson
I highly recommend Intelligent Design for any of your plumbing or water needs. Their employee professionalism, trustworthiness, and timeliness exceeded my expectations and that’s not easy to do.I was looking to get a whole home softwater system installed and came across Intelligent Design on google. I gave them a call and during the call they had an appointment setup for the next day. Before the time of the appointment I got a call from Joshua and he informed me he was on his way. Joshua was very professional and personable and after I walked him through what I was wanting, he gave me multiple options for me to choose from. I really appreciated that because he didn’t try to just give me 1 option take it or leave it. I decided to go with a whole home soft water system purely based on how my interaction with Joshua went and I do not regret it one bit.When it came to the day of the installation I once again received a heads up call before Joshua and Zack showed up, I appreciate that due to the fact that I am someone who is constantly busy and I could plan around their arrival. When they showed up they immediately got to work and had the work completed in the time they said they would. Joshua tested the water and my family was able to have softer water that day.Thank you Joshua and Intelligent Design for the great product and service!
Travis Faught
Travis Faught