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Get Ready for Summer with Professional Air Conditioner Maintenance

Temperatures may be mild now, but Tucsonans know that spring doesn’t last long in the desert. That means that it’s only a matter of time before your AC is running throughout the day to keep your home cool and comfortable. If you want to make sure that your cooling costs stay low and that you don’t suffer a breakdown during the hottest months of the summer season, call Intelligent Design Air Conditioning and Heating for an air conditioner maintenance visit.

Do I need air conditioner maintenance every year?

Many homeowners overlook the value of air conditioner maintenance. However, the small cost of a maintenance visit is a seasonal investment in your system. Not only will a springtime tune-up prevent future repairs, but it can also improve your HVAC efficiency. By changing filters and worn out parts, your technician will ensure that your system isn’t working overtime to keep your home cool. Therefore, you can expect more modest energy costs throughout the summer. In addition, you will have better indoor air quality, since maintenance includes new filters and removal of debris around your AC unit.

Ideally, you will call for AC maintenance once per year. You should also schedule a maintenance visit in the fall to get your heater ready for the winter season. However, if you miss the window for springtime maintenance, you can schedule this visit later in the summer season.

What is involved in a maintenance visit?

When you call a technician for seasonal HVAC maintenance, the first step is a full visual inspection of your system. This includes the thermostat settings and electrical connections in addition to the AC unit itself. Then, the technician will lubricate moving parts, replace air filters, and check refrigerant levels. If needed, they will top of the system. The technician will also remove debris from around the AC unit outside, check the condensate drain for clogs, and clean the evaporator and condensate coils. Each step will preserve the health and integrity of your system, so it works better through the summer and lasts many years to come.

If you’re ready for your annual maintenance visit, call Intelligent Design at (520) 333-2665. Our friendly technicians are happy to tune up your system and answer any questions you have heading into summer.