Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Discover the Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

Are you tired of running out of hot water when every member of your household needs to take a shower, or you need to run multiple appliances at once? Alternatively, maybe your current water heater is at the end of its life and you’re looking for a longer-lasting upgrade. In either situation, you won’t want to overlook the benefits of tankless water heaters.

At Intelligent Design, our plumbers recommend tankless water heaters for homeowners who want to lower their overall energy costs. In addition to costing less to operate over time, these water heaters also increase the total value of your home. However, they are more expensive to install. To help you decide if a tankless water heater is best for your household, continue reading for a closer look at some benefits.

How do tankless water heaters work?

Before considering all the benefits of tankless water heaters, first let’s review how they work. Instead of storing a large tank of water at a heated temperature, tankless water heaters heat up water on demand using high-powered electric or gas coils. The water from the tap is just the same, but it will heat up faster than you’re used to!

Is a tankless water heater worth it?

If you ask homeowners who have made the switch whether a tankless water heater is worth it, chances are you’ll get a resounding “yes!”. The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters mitigate many of the common annoyances that can come with an outdated or poorly fitted water heater in your home. For example, if you often run out of hot water while doing the dishes or taking a shower, upgrading to a tankless heater can eliminate this issue.

You’ll also want to consider the long-term cost benefits of tankless water heaters. Because these appliances don’t need to constantly keep a large basin of water heated to a set temperature, they are running less often. So, they use less power and less fuel to provide hot water on demand.

What are the benefits of tankless water heaters?

The most frequently advertised Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters is instant hot water any time. Even during times of high demand, a properly fitted and installed tankless water heater will easily keep up with your household needs. There are also some other benefits to consider:

  • Superior energy efficiency that saves you money.
  • Compact design that can fit into any home – no large, unsightly tank!
  • Long-lasting performance. Tankless water heaters may last about twice as long as their counterparts.
  • More efficient water use. You won’t spend as much time waiting for the tap to heat up.


  • What size tankless water heater do I need? Although your water heater won’t have a tank with a specific gallon size, you’ll still need to find the right size heater for your home. Tankless heater capacity is measured in gallons per minute. Our plumbing technicians can help you determine the ideal capacity for your tankless hot water heater based on the flow rate of various appliances and fixtures at the highest demand times for water use in your home.

With an appropriately sized heater, you’ll never run out of hot water in your household. However, selecting a tankless water heater with a capacity that’s too low can have you running out of hot water at high-demand hours. Therefore, it’s essential to work with experienced pros like the plumbers here at Intelligent Design to ensure that you have the right appliance installed the right way.

  • How long does it take for water to heat up with a tankless hot water heater? Hot water is available almost instantly with a tankless water heater. If you’re used to waiting several seconds or even minutes for hot water to come out of the sink or showerhead, you’ll be especially pleased with the capabilities of your new unit.
  • Are there tax credit Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters? Yes! Federal tax credits for all residential renewable energy products have been extended through 2021. Because tankless hot water heaters use up to 30% less energy than traditional models, your upgrade may qualify for this type of tax credit.
  • Is a gas or electric water better? Tankless water heaters are available in both gas and electric fuel varieties. The right choice for your home will depend on several factors. In general, if your home is already equipped with natural gas, a gas water heater will be ideal. However, it’s worth asking your installer for specific recommendations.
  • How fast can a tankless water heater fill a tub? Many tankless water heaters have an average flow rate of about 3.25 gallons per minute. Bathtub sizes vary, but that flow rate would have the average bathtub full of hot water in about five minutes.

If you want to upgrade to a tankless hot water heater, Intelligent Design Plumbing is here to provide a free estimate for your project. We also guarantee all our work and offer leading water heater brands to equip your household.

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