With our No Lemon Guarantee, we guarantee absolute comfort, peace of mind, and protection when you invest in a new central heating system from us. As long as you operate the system according to the manufacturer’s operating and maintenance manuals and allow us to maintain the system yearly, you are entitled to this unmatched guarantee that will put all your worries to rest. If your air conditioner’s compressor or heat exchanger cracks within the first 10 years of ownership (5 years on non-premium systems), then we will replace your entire condensing unit or furnace with a brand new one within 48 hours of our diagnosis absolutely free. In other words, we offer a lifetime guarantee on all ducting and craftsmanship.

Our lead installation technicians are professionals with years of installation experience. Their shoes will never touch your carpet and they will clean up when they are finished. They will also complete the job with speed and precision in a friendly manner. Finally, they are drug-free and will not smoke or swear in your home. We are so confident in the professionalism of our technicians that if they have not performed their job according to these high standards, you don’t have to pay the remaining balance until you are completely satisfied with the results. That’s our guarantee, and we stick by it! 

Our Investment Guarantee is a promise to you that you cannot find a comparable installation for less. So, how confident are we in this guarantee? If you find a comparable installation for less, then we’ll pay you $500 along with the difference. We only ask that the comparison be among similar products.

We do a heat load\manual J calculation on every HVAC installation. If the installed equipment does not perform at the agreed stated temperature, then we will remove the system at no cost. We will also install the correct system at no additional charge within the first 2 years. You can always depend on our performance guarantee! 

Once the proposal/contract is signed by the company representative and the customer, the agreed-upon price will not change. Any alteration or deviation from specifications at the customer’s request will be agreed upon as a written change-order to the original work and price. Thus, there won’t be any surprises. 

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