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How Do I Qualify for the New AC Unit Rebates?

Here at Intelligent Design, a lot of our customers ask us about how to qualify for an AC unit rebate when it’s time to upgrade to a new central air conditioner. New AC units are a major investment, so qualifying for a rebate is definitely a priority for many homeowners and commercial property owners. However, you should know that the rebates currently being offered can vary, depending on when you get your system installed and the specific type of system it is. The best way to determine which AC unit rebate you might qualify for is to request a free estimate. Intelligent Design offers free estimates on all new AC system installations. During that time, our certified technician will explain the system options available to you along with the rebates that those systems can qualify for.

Tucson Electric Power’s AC Unit Rebate

Many residents in the area rely on Tucson Electric Power for their electricity needs. TEP has developed an Efficient Home Program designed to encourage Tucson residents to invest in Energy Star rated appliances, including central ACs. When you purchase and install an Energy Star-rated air conditioner, you may qualify for an instant rebate from TEP.

The AC unit rebate offers up to $900 on qualifying appliances, while the heat pump rebate offers up to $650. In addition, you can qualify for a rebate on your AC tune-up for a total savings of up to $205. You may also qualify for a rebate on duct sealing of up to $300, based on the actual amount of air leakage that the service eliminates.

UniSource Energy Services’ AC Unit Rebate

Tucson residents who do not source their electricity from TEP often contract with UES. Purchasing and installing an Energy Star rated unit may offer customers an instant AC unit rebate of up to $975. If the purchase and installation is done with the early retirement of a qualifying system, then the rebate may increase to up to $1,350.

Federal Solar Tax Credit

In addition to taking advantage of these rebates, you might want to check out the federal solar tax credit. As long as you purchase and install your new solar AC unit by the end of 2019, you can deduct up to 30% of the cost of the system from your taxes. However, if you wait until 2020 to put your new unit into operation, the tax credit will decrease slightly. You’ll still be able to deduct up to 26% of the cost. In 2021, the credit drops to 22% of the total cost of the system. From 2022 onwards, only commercial property owners are eligible to claim this tax credit for 10% of the system’s cost.

Intelligent Design is proud to offer the solar-powered SunTrac hybrid climate system to individuals in the Tucson area. The innovative SunTrac system will work with any type of AC unit, including ductless mini splits. Plus, it doesn’t require a huge farm of solar panels to run! You will only need one solar panel for each AC unit. Not only can you qualify for the federal tax credit, but the SunTrac system will also save you money on your utility bills for years to come.

2016 Federal Tax Credit

This particular tax credit has expired. However, if you already installed a qualifying central air conditioning system prior to 2017, you might still be able to claim it. You may claim this tax credit if you haven’t yet filed your tax return for 2016. Alternatively, you may wish to file an amended tax return for that year. Central air conditioners can qualify for the 2016 tax credit if they are Energy Star rated and on the list of Energy Star Most Efficient for 2016.

This list includes split air conditioning systems that have a minimum Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 16 or greater. The Energy Efficiency Ratio must be 13 or greater. For package systems, the SEER rating must be 14 or greater. The SEER for package systems must be 12 or greater.

AC Unit Rebate: Extra Benefits

Since qualifying for an AC unit rebate requires you to purchase an Energy Star rated central air conditioner, you can look forward to extra benefits on top of the rebate or tax credit savings. Your Energy Star system will operate efficiently, cooling your home while using less energy. This means your electric bills in the summer will naturally be lower. Just remember to get it tuned up twice per year and keep the air filter clean!

The certified technicians at Intelligent Design can give free estimates if you need a new central air conditioning system. We’ll accurately measure your home and discuss your preferences before providing customized recommendations that fit your energy needs and lifestyle. At this time, we’ll also explain your options for obtaining an AC unit rebate, depending on the system you choose. So, are you ready to get started? Residential and commercial customers in the Tucson area can get in touch with our friendly office staff at (520) 333 2665.

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