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How Often Should I Schedule Air Conditioning Service?

The Recommended Air Conditioning Service Schedule

It’s often thought that homeowners will need an air conditioning service visit once per year. But actually, this isn’t what most manufacturers recommend. Check the guidelines from your AC’s manufacturer. They will probably recommend scheduling a tune-up once every major season. In other words, you should schedule it twice per year—once in the summer and once in the winter.

It’s generally a good idea to schedule your summer visit at the beginning of the season, or before you crank up your AC when the hot temperatures hit Arizona. Bear in mind that air conditioning service companies in Arizona are swamped with calls during this time of year. So, you may want to call at least a month or two in advance to schedule your air conditioning service visit ahead of time.

The Reason Why an AC Service Visit Can Prevent Major Problems

A central AC unit is an intricate system made up of many components. Some of them are quite expensive to replace. Others are more easily replaced. When an AC is operated without having been tuned up properly, these little, inexpensive components get strained beyond their tolerance levels. When those little components begin to malfunction and completely fail, this can trigger the malfunction of the more expensive components.

As an example, the capacitor is a small component that rests near the compressor. The compressor is a major component that is critical for the AC to run efficiently. The capacitor needs a lot of energy to run properly. If it gets stretched beyond its limits, and it isn’t replaced during a routine service visit, the failing capacitor will then cause the compressor to pull increasingly higher amperage draws. Eventually, the compressor will fail—and that is pricey to replace.

During your routine air conditioning service visit, the certified technician will evaluate every component of the unit. He or she will check for signs of malfunction or wear and tear. The technician will let you know if any of those little, less expensive components need to be replaced in order to reduce the risk of major repairs in the future.

The Other Major Benefits of Scheduling an Air Conditioning Service Visit

Every time you skip the recommended six-month air conditioning service visit, the efficiency of your system will decline. The machine might still be running, but it won’t be operating as efficiently as it could be. This decline in efficiency is accompanied by greater strain on the components. In fact, if a central AC unit wasn’t serviced for 10 years, its efficiency would decline by as much as 50%.

The less efficient your AC is, the harder it has to work to cool your home. This results in higher electricity bills. You’ll also run the risk of a complete failure. Your AC might no longer blow out cool air. This is never a good situation, especially in the middle of the summer in Arizona, and especially if you have children, elderly people, or individuals with medical conditions in your home. By scheduling an air conditioning service appointment every six months, you’ll enjoy long-term savings and reduce your risk of inconvenient, expensive repairs.

The Air Conditioning Service Visit Checklist

You should only have certified technicians perform your AC tune-up. These professionals have the skills and knowledge necessary to properly maintain your unit, spot signs of trouble, and make any needed repairs. One of the first things the technician will check is the cleanliness of the unit, both inside and out. This is significant because if the blower wheel gets dirty, it will clog up the coil. This results in back pressure, and damage from wear and tear. Eventually, components will begin to fail.

Another issue the technician will check is the lubrication of the system. The addition of more lubricant as needed will reduce the amperage draw, quiet the machine, and increase its longevity. Other issues the technician will check include the following:

  • Thermostat calibration
  • Coolant level
  • Electrical connections
  • Blower belt condition and blower motor performance
  • Air filter
  • Service valves
  • Ductwork integrity

Remember that even if your central AC seems to be working fine, it may have one or more components that are about to fail. Since this can trigger a cascade of more expensive repairs, it’s important to schedule a routine AC tune-up every six months.

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