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Air conditioning is important when it comes to beating the Tucson heat. This is why Judith Mires was in danger when she was discharged from the hospital and came home to find that her air conditioning unit was not functioning. Judith’s home was too hot to be safe, and her daughter knew she needed help, so she called Intelligent Design in the middle of the night. Intelligent Design was able to help cool the house down for the night, but after running diagnostics, they found that the air conditioning unit needed extensive and costly repairs.

In a situation like this, the best option is to replace the unit, but for Judith, that meant spending money that she did not have available. Intelligent Design owner Andrew Dobbins knew he had to deliver the bad news to Judith: that her air conditioner was no easy fix.

It’s situations like these that truly set Intelligent Design apart from other HVAC companies. It would have been easy to quote her for the repairs and move on, but that’s not what they do at Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design cares about their customers and wants to ensure that everyone is not only happy, but safe as well. Living in Tucson with no air conditioning can be dangerous, as average summer temperatures can reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Knowing that Judith didn’t have the means to purchase a new air conditioning unit at that time, Andrew made the decision to install a new unit for Judith at no cost to her. Installing the new air conditioning unit meant not only that she wouldn’t have to worry about the brutal heat, but that she could remain safe and comfortable without a financial burden.

Keeping Tucson cool in the unforgiving summer heat is no easy task, but Intelligent Design is equipped to handle whatever is thrown their way, and giving back to the community is something that Intelligent Design values and makes efforts to achieve in their business practices. The story of Judith is just one example of how Intelligent Design truly achieves what they set out to do. Read the full article on Intelligent Design at Kgun9.

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