Residential Solar Panels

Residential Solar Panels

Living in Tucson, adding residential solar panels to your home is something of a no-brainer. After all, there are few places in the U.S. with as many days of sunshine as Southern Arizona. Still, you may have some questions about residential solar panels, their installation costs, and their potential benefits for your home. Contacting a solar energy contractor at Intelligent Design can help you understand what solar panels can offer to your home.

What can I expect when I contact a solar energy company about residential solar panels?

The first step for installing residential solar panels is scheduling a free solar estimate with one of our technicians. If you decide to install your solar system with us, we’ll set an installation date and walk you through the project details. After the planning stages, the installation is usually only a 1-3-day project, depending on how many panels you’re installing.

Intelligent Design is a leading solar installation company in Tucson. We’re here to help with answers to any questions you may have. We can also help you plan to scale up your conversion to solar, starting with solar AC and installing solar panels later.

Do residential solar panels have to go on the roof?

Most often, homeowners think of residential solar panels as a rooftop addition. However, some homeowners prefer to keep panels out of plain view from the curb. Additionally, some roof structures may not be adequate to house the panels. Fortunately, solar panels can be installed on the ground. While the roof does provide an advantage by limiting shade, most Tucson backyards offer ample space for solar panel installation.

What portion of my home energy needs will be met with a solar system?

One of the great things about residential solar panels is that they are flexible. For example, they can power your whole home or just a specific system, such as the water heater. If you want to power the average house entirely with solar, you will likely need about 16 total panels give or take. However, your system should still be connected to the municipal power grid.

Because there are still cloudy days in Tucson—and because solar panels can’t work at 100% capacity around the clock—they may not always be able to meet current energy demands. Still, your use of local electricity services will likely be offset with surplus production days when sunshine is plentiful.

Ready to start taking advantage of all the benefits of solar power? Call Intelligent Design today to schedule your free solar estimate.