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Solar Panel Installation

What is solar power/energy? Ask Solar Panel Installation Experts

Solar energy comes from the sun. It can be used to power things like homes, cars, and even satellites! When the sun shines on a solar panel, it sends out photons. Photons are little packets of energy. The photons hit electrons in the solar cell, and those electrons get excited. That’s how electricity gets generated!

If you’re looking for a solar company in Tucson and Southern Arizona. That can help with solar panel systems installation, then look no further! If you feel ready to convert to solar energy systems. Intelligent Design’s solar panel installation experts are here. We will walk you through the entire process. Whether you’re getting solar at your home or your business. You can expect a similar installation timeline for both.

Why go solar?

Solar energy is a renewable and environmentally-friendly source of power. Although photovoltaic (PV) arrays and other solar energy systems are expensive to build. They can operate for many years at little cost to you thanks to free access to their fuel – sunlight.

Solar power is becoming less expensive, with falling PV prices and low interest rates. This reduces the cost of generating power from rooftop PV arrays.

A Look at Solar Panel Installation in Tucson

To plan your solar panel installations in Tucson, AZ. Its important to expect to have at least one consultation at the jobsite. Whether that’s your residence or a commercial building. Measuring and assessing the area allows our solar panel installers. To calculate how much available sunlight is at the site. We use this information for the solar panel installation to harvest the most energy. Here’s a look at the steps that will follow.

Determine the right size and positioning for your solar system. – After assessing how much solar resource is available. We can determine how large your system needs to be to meet your energy needs. Once we know how many solar panels you need, we can begin mapping out the installation. This includes the orientation and tilt of the panels. Try Google’s Project Sunroof.

Apply for necessary permitting – Commercial and residential solar systems will require local permits. Fortunately, that’s a step that our solar panel installers will handle for you. We’ll walk you through permit paperwork and fees. This way you can rest assured that your system is fully up to code once it’s installed.

Install system components at the worksite. – After planning and permitting, it’s time for the solar panel installation to take place! Solar panels may be installed on the ground or the roof. This depends on your property layout and preferences. If panels are going on the roof, a structural assessment will take place. This will determine if any reinforcements are needed to support the system’s weight.

Plug in and power on – Once installation is completed, you’ll be plugged into the municipal power grid. However, you’ll be getting most of your energy needs met by the sun itself! In fact, you’ll likely supply more power to the local grid than you use. This means you’ll get credits to eliminate your regular electric bill entirely.


The Benefits of a Solar Panel Installation

In today’s energy-conscious world, a larger number of homeowners will make the switch to solar. Fortunately, installing a new solar system in your home is much easier than you might think! Our certified solar electricians have extensive experience in solar panel installation. We also have knowledge in repairing, and servicing modern solar panel systems. If you’re thinking of solar installation in Tucson. Then your journey begins by giving us a call with your questions.

Solar energy is one of the cleanest, safest forms of energy in the world. It also doesn’t produce any hazardous emissions.

A solar panel installation can help to reduce your electric bill. This can be done by providing you with a dependable alternative source of energy in your home.

There are several investment tax credits and other incentives available. This is at the federal, state, and local levels to help reduce the investment. Making it easier then ever to afford solar panel installation.

Solar installations from a certified solar panel company require little to no maintenance. The installation will continue to provide you with dependable service for years.

Rooftop solar panels can lower the temperature of your roof. This helps you reduce your need to run your air conditioning. Will also help keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

The cost of solar equipment and solar panels is comparatively low. So purchasing and installing high-quality solar panels is now more cost-effective than ever. We use our own team of solar installers Tucson, we do not sub-contract the install.

How to Choose Solar Installers Tucson

Solar power is in demand, and with so many sunny days in Tucson, there’s no shortage of solar installers. However, not all solar companies are alike. The solar company needs to be licensed, insured, and experienced. Even more importantly, they should assist in exploring solar investment tax credits. This also includes financing options, and your permitting needs. Intelligent Design checks all the boxes for solar panel installation. We also go the extra mile with exceptional customer service on every job. Call us today at (520) 333-2665 for a free solar estimate.


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