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Spotlight on Solar Air Conditioner from iDesignAC

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Solar Air Conditioner Systems are the Future

Did you know that in just one hour, the Earth gets enough energy from the sun to meet the entire planet’s demand for electricity for one year? That’s an amazing amount of energy, and yet the world only uses about one percent of that energy. For a more sustainable future, homeowners and businesses must work toward harnessing more of the sun’s power. At Intelligent Design, our Solar Air Conditioner is a step in the right direction.

Benefits of Solar Air Conditioner Systems

As the sunniest state in the U.S., Arizona is the ideal place to focus on Solar Air Conditioner systems. In the Tucson area, most homeowners and commercial property owners decide to invest in solar power because they’re tired of paying so much for electricity. The long, hot summers in Arizona require prolonged use of an energy-guzzling AC, and as a result, residents can typically expect high energy bills.

However, lower electricity bills aren’t the only compelling reason to invest in a Solar Air Conditioner. When you make the switch to the solar AC from Intelligent Design, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Eco-friendly household with a reduced carbon footprint
  • Improved value of your property
  • Reduced dependency on oil sourced from other countries
  • An investment that pays for itself

Over time, your solar powered AC will pay for itself in reduced energy bills. However, you can also get access to great tax credits. In fact, Arizona residents may be eligible for a tax credit of 25% of the solar system up to a maximum of $1,000.

Common Questions About the SunTrac Hybrid AC

Here at Intelligent Design, we’re proud to install SunTrac solar air conditioning systems for Arizona residents. Take a look at the following questions we’re often asked:

Do I need to replace my entire AC?
No! SunTrac integrates with your existing AC system. It’s compatible with all types of ACs, including package units and mini-splits.

Does the SunTrac take up a lot of space?
Nope! All that’s needed is one solar panel per AC unit. We can mount this on your roof or on the ground.

How does the SunTrac work?
The solar panel converts rays from the sun into electricity. This is then transferred to the AC’s refrigeration cycle, allowing your AC to use far less energy while still keeping your home comfortable.

Spotlight on Solar Powered Homes

A Solar Air Conditioner is just one step toward reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your energy bills. At Intelligent Design, we also do complete home solar systems. You could power all of your devices and appliances using just the rays from the sun. And when you start your project by installing a Solar Air Conditioner, you’ll need to invest in fewer solar panel installations in tucson for the rest of your home.

Here at Intelligent Design of Southern Arizona, we’re proud to be a leading provider of Solar Air Conditioner systems in the Tucson area. In fact, we even provide complete home solar systems to help you save money and protect the environment. If you’re thinking about making the switch to solar power, give us a call today at (520) 333-2665.

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