12 Things Your Plumber Doesn’t Want You To Know

You Should Find a Plumber

If you have a major fix to tackle around the house, find a plumber to do the job. Getting at least three bids helps you determine the scope of the project, so you can weigh the pros and cons of price and the plumbers' reputations.

Close Outside Faucets For Winter

Do you want to avoid frozen pipes? Avoid them easily (and call them expensive for a plumber) by disconnecting outside pipes in the fall. Make sure to turn off the water from the inside as well.

Replace The Toilet Handle - You Don't Need a Plumber

If you're constantly fiddling with a loose toilet handle, it means the flip valve needs to be replaced. Instead of being charged $100 by a plumber for the job, you can get the part at a hardware store for just $6 and install it yourself very easily.

Plumbers Need A License

No plumber will admit that they do not have the required license to work for you. So if you know of a great plumber, but don't have a license, hire them at your own risk. Licensed plumbers have a proven knowledge of local building codes and regulations.

Plumbers Don't Clean

While their job is to make sure your pipes run like a well-oiled machine, it doesn't include rebuilding the wall they had to demolish to make it happen. So while you're solving the water problem.

Where To Find A Quick Recommendation For a Plumber

If you need a plumber stat, don't limit yourself to the first person or company you find on Google. You should contact a plumbing supply or fixture store because they typically won't work with subpar plumbers.

Your Plumber May Not Have The Correct Part

Need a quick fix? If a plumber tells you it takes a week to get the part to fix your toilet or sink, don't be too helpful if you can't wait. There's no shame in working with another plumber who can get the part and get the job done when you need it.

They Can Move It!

Plumbers might not make a special effort to inform you that a toilet or sink can be moved. But if you've worked with them on a remodel and they tell you that something can't be moved to a new space, ask them to explain in detail why not.

You Have A Choice With The Parts

For the same function, some parts cost more than others. If a plumber doesn't give you an option, ask or, better yet, do some research if you have the time. Chances are you can use PVC pipe instead of copper and save money. If you're DIYing, here's how to connect PVC pipe to ABS pipe.

Repair A Cheap Working Toilet Yourself

Aid! The bathroom does not stop working. It's a shame, sure, but it's not something you should call your plumber about. In fact, DIYers should note that this quick fix only costs you $5 for parts and materials.

Spend More Now, Save Big Later on Plumbing

Not all plumbers convey the message that installing better fixtures reduces the likelihood of future house calls. Case in point: Rubber washing machine hoses burst far more often than more expensive and durable stainless steel hoses.

Keep That Allen Key

The debris removal usually comes with an Allen key. Find a good place to store it. When the disposer gets stuck, you can follow the instructions in your owner's manual to fix it yourself. It's as simple as insert and twist.

Find A Trusted Plumber Professional to Keep on Hand

IdesignAC can help you with all of these tips and our technicians are trained to identify dozens of other ways You can increase the energy efficiency of your AC System.