There are various types of house plumbing pipes that are commonly used to transport water to and from fixtures and appliances.

Let's look at some of the most prevalent pipe materials to help you decide which is ideal for your space and application.

PEX Pipe: This is a tough plastic piping used to supply water. It is strong enough to withstand water supply pressures.

PVC Pipe: PVC pipe is a white plastic pipe that is commonly used for waste lines. It's also reasonably priced and fairly long-lasting.

Rigid Copper Pipe: As can be seen from their shiny reddish-brown appearance, copper pipes are mostly made of pure copper. Within the home, water supply lines are frequently made of rigid copper.

ABS Pipe: Although sun exposure can bend and weaken it, this pipe is a somewhat durable and affordable option.

Flexi Pipe: Final plumbing connections to appliances like water heaters, toilets, and sinks frequently employ this type of fitting. Typically, it is not allowed to be used inside of walls or floors.

The pipe's intended use should be your primary consideration when selecting the appropriate pipe for your plumbing project. swipe up to know more