6 Easy Steps to Keep Your Air-Conditioning Unit Running Smoothly

Disconnect the power It's crucial to totally shut off power to the air conditioner because to the risks associated with operating near electrical and the moving parts of the appliance.

Clear the debris Remove the fan cage from the condenser/compressor outside. Lift the cage or fan grill away from the top of the device by removing the bolts with a screwdriver or wrench.

tidy up the fins To get rid of any outside debris, remove the outer covers and use the brush attachment on a strong shop vacuum.

Clean up the fins. Use a butter knife or a fin-straightening tool that is available in the market to gently straighten bent fins because any loss in airflow through the fins can lower efficiency.

Raise the Unit As the soil beneath the condenser unit settles over time, An out-of-level condenser unit can cause the compressor within to fail 

Switch out the blower filter At least twice a year, before the start of the heating season and just before the start of the cooling season, you should change the filter in your HVAC system.