9 Tips to Make Installing Solar Panels at Home Easier

Get Help From A Counselor

Get help from a counselor who knows the process. An Expert Advisor is worth their weight in gold as they will usually be able to help you avoid making costly mistakes down the road.

Take Into Consideration The Available Area

Before you start investing the time and money to install your solar panels, consider how much space you have available for them.

Calculate Your Energy Needs

You can calculate your energy needs by averaging the number of kWh found at the bottom of your electricity bills; just be sure to take into account the energy needs of each season. Make sure the energy you can produce and store can meet your needs, even during peak hours.


By educating yourself, you will be able to better understand the basics of electricity and solar panels. Knowledge is the key to safety and never getting caught without enough power. It makes sense to get going here.

Decide On A System Type

To help you decide which type of system is right for you, you need to learn the difference between a networked system and an off-grid system.

Size The System

Once you've decided which system works best for you, you need to size the system.

Calculate How Many Panels You Need

Once you've calculated the number of panels needed to produce the amount of electricity you use, set a realistic budget by looking at comparable systems.

Research Solar Subsidies

Don't forget to research solar energy subsidies such as local, provincial, or state incentives, federal tax credits, and utility rebates when setting your budget.

Find A Trusted HVAC Professional to Keep on Hand

IdesignAC can help you with all of these tips and our technicians are trained to identify dozens of other ways You can increase the energy efficiency of your Solar System.