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What Are Some Effective Strategies to Reduce AC Noise?

You’ve planned a relaxing day at home, but your AC unit keeps making irritating noises. You’re not alone! It’s a common problem in Southern Arizona homes. There are many strategies designed to reduce AC noise, but the one that will work best for you really depends on exactly what’s causing the problem. One of the friendly HVAC technicians at Intelligent Design can figure out exactly what’s going on and recommend suitable options to facilitate peace and quiet in your home!

Reduce AC Noise: Motor Noises

The blower motor is the component that pushes chilled air through the ductwork and vents. If you’re hearing a banging sound every time the AC kicks on, it’s likely the blower motor. It’s possible that the blower motor either has a wheel off-balance or it’s wearing out. When the blower motor is the culprit of the loud noise, all that is needed to reduce unwanted sound is to replace that part.

Reduce AC Noise: Wind Noises

It’s often hard to explain to an HVAC technician exactly what type of sound you’re hearing. But if it sounds like you’re in the car with the windows down, that wind noise likely indicates a problem with the ductwork. In many Southern Arizona homes, the intake is actually undersized. This will create that annoying wind sound as the air is pulled into the intake.

To fix this problem, the technician can enlarge the intake to properly accommodate the air flow and reduce AC noise. This modification has the added benefit of improving the overall efficiency of your home. That means you can look forward to lower electric bills!

Reduce AC Noise: Whistling Noises

Whistling noises are similar to the wind noises created by an improperly sized intake. However, HVAC technicians typically find that whistling sounds are caused by a problem at the supply or return registers. There might either be too much air flow or not enough air flow at these points. If this is the cause of that irritating sound you’re hearing, then the technician can simply adjust the air flow.

Reduce AC Noise: Furnace Noises

Many homeowners in Tucson and throughout Southern Arizona have mechanical rooms on the first floor of their home. This is the small enclosure that houses the furnace. This is problematic because it places a noisy motor inside the home, often right near the bedrooms! Even if the furnace is operating properly and everything is sized correctly, the mere operation of the motor is going to create some undesirable noises.

The HVAC technicians at Intelligent Design recommend creating sound barriers to solve this problem. We can set up sound-absorbing barriers configured in a way that forces the soundwaves to bend at a right angle. When soundwaves are bent at a right angle, the volume of the sound is cut in half. This can significantly improve the serenity of your home.

Reduce AC Noise: Outside Unit Noises

Typically, the noises that bother Southern Arizona homeowners affect their enjoyment of the inside of their homes. However, you might also have irritating noises emanating from the outside AC unit. This is more problematic than it might seem like at first blush. Imagine if you’re trying to host an outdoor party and your AC is creating loud noises. Or, perhaps you’re simply trying to get some gardening work done and the AC is so loud that you can’t enjoy the experience.

If your outside AC unit sounds like a jet engine, the problem could be the compressor or the condenser fan motor. The HVAC technician can lubricate the compressor to keep it working properly. Alternatively, either the compressor or the condenser fan motor might need to be replaced if they are on the elderly side and are showing signs of damage from wear and tear.

Reduce AC Noise: Old System Noises

The HVAC technicians at Intelligent Design can work miracles when it comes to noise reduction in AC and furnace units. Unfortunately, if you have a very old unit, the problem might not be fixable; the noise could simply be attributed to the design of the unit. If your unit is over 11 years old and it’s not possible to reduce AC noise with one of our quick fixes, it may just be time to replace the system.

You’d be amazed at how much quieter the new AC units are! With a brand new central AC, you’ll enjoy better energy efficiency, a reduced need for repairs, plus the peace and quiet you crave, both inside and outside your home!

If you’ve been hearing some unusual noises from your air conditioner or furnace, give us a call at Intelligent Design! Our certified HVAC technicians have years of experience, and can quickly diagnose the source of the problem and recommend budget-friendly solutions to reduce AC noise. If you’ve decided that the time has come to replace the unit, then call us at (520) 462-1187 for a free estimate. We are available in Tucson and the surrounding areas.

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