Air Conditioning Service Cost

What Is the Average Air Conditioning Service Cost?

You probably already know that it’s important to schedule a maintenance visit for your central air conditioning system twice annually. You should schedule it once during each major season. This helps to optimize the energy efficiency of your unit, prevent breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of your central AC. It’s only natural to want to know the average air conditioning service cost before you schedule your semi-annual maintenance visit. The service fee varies depending on the company you choose. As with most things in life, you will get what you pay for. While it can be tempting to choose the company with the lowest maintenance visit fee, these cutthroat companies simply will not provide you with high-quality or reliable service.

Average Air Conditioning Service Cost: Other Companies

The average air conditioning service cost is usually less than a hundred dollars, although it can range from about $80 to about $150. The problem is that when you pay less than $100 for a routine maintenance visit for your AC, the HVAC technician will almost certainly spend only about half an hour checking your system. This simply isn’t enough time to do a professional job. It requires time to evaluate the proper functioning of every component, clean the dirty components, and lubricate the moving parts. It definitely doesn’t provide enough time to check the wear and tear on each component. Furthermore, it doesn’t allow the technician to assess repair needs.

Average Air Conditioning Service Cost: Intelligent Design

The average air conditioning service cost from a company like Intelligent Design will be on the higher end of the spectrum. This is because all of our technicians are certified, with an average of 17 years of experience in the field. When a technician visits your home for a routine maintenance appointment, he or she will spend about one-and-a-half hours going over every component and system in your central air conditioner.

The technician will ensure that your AC is fully cleaned for maximum energy efficiency. All moving parts will be lubricated and the refrigerant will be checked for optimal levels. Our technicians also spend a great deal of time going over the electrical components to ensure our customers’ safety. Our goal is to reduce the number of breakdowns your system will have. This enhances your family’s comfort during the summer and saves you money in repair costs. We also make sure that your system is as energy-efficient as possible to reduce your utility bills. When our technician is done going over your system, he or she will sit down with you to explain the findings and provide a full report. If any components are broken and require repair or replacement, our technicians have the discretion to waive the diagnostic fee with the cost of a repair.

Like many things in life, you get what you pay for. The difference between hiring a cheaper company that won’t do a thorough job and hiring an Intelligent Design technician who will provide premium service is similar to the difference between eating fast food versus dining at a gourmet restaurant. Fast food may be cheap, but it’s not nutritious or particularly tasty. Fine dining costs more, but the chefs use high-quality, nutritious ingredients to produce flavorful meals.

Average Air Conditioning Service Cost: How to Reduce Your Cost

Although the average air conditioning service cost is higher at Intelligent Design than some other companies, there is a way to reduce your cost without sacrificing quality. If you’re in Tucson or the surrounding areas, you can sign up for our Family Protection Plan Membership. You’ll get access to many great perks, including maintenance visits for just $49, compared to $149 for non-members. You’ll still get the same great service that our customers have come to rely on, but at a fraction of the cost.

If you decide to sign up for our Family Protection Plan Membership to reduce your air conditioning maintenance cost, just let the technician know when he or she arrives at your home for the maintenance visit. Or, you can sign up over the phone by calling our office. Along with a major discount on maintenance visits, you’ll receive up to 15% off on all services and repairs. You’ll also get up to three free annual visits, and 24/7/365 priority service!

There are a lot of reasons why Intelligent Design is the No. 1 rated HVAC company in Southern Arizona, including our thorough service visits, “customer first” philosophy, and knowledgeable, courteous technicians. Would you like to learn more? We invite you to read our many five-star reviews. Then, discover for yourself why so many of your neighbors have chosen us to take care of their home systems. You can get in touch with our friendly office staff in Tucson at (520) 333 2665 to schedule a service visit. We are also available around the clock, seven days per week to handle HVAC and plumbing emergencies!

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