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Why use solar air conditioner for home?

Most of us look forward to the sunny summers after the harsh winters to enjoy beaches and vacations. But with summers comes high temperatures and agonizing humidity, often resulting in high demand for air conditioning.

The hot sun rays heat our houses and the indoor environment, making it unbearable to stay without cooling from air conditioners. A lot of money is spent on electric bills during the high power consuming air conditioners running all through the day.

With so much heat energy being absorbed in the house why not harness this energy to cool down the house interiors. Solar powered air conditioning is the best option to keep down the electricity costs and enjoy air conditioning all through the day.

Solar-powered air conditioning is fast becoming popular in most parts of the United States. It is not only an eco-friendly solution but also highly affordable.

To answer the question why use solar air conditioner at home, let us first understand how
do they work?

There are many types of solar powered air conditioners, however, the 2 most commonly found types of solar ACs for the local residential market are:

  • Solar photovoltaic (Solar PV) air conditioners

These air conditioners use solar panels to capture the sun’s solar energy. The solar panels in tucson are generally mounted on the roof of the house or building.

The captured solar energy is converted into electricity by the solar PV panels. This electricity is used for powering the constituent parts of a traditional split system.

The unused electricity can be stored in a battery array for future use. Many times the hybrid air conditioner systems are connected to the electricity grid to receive an extra boost in case the sunrays are not strong enough to charge the batteries.

  • Solar thermal systems

These air conditioners use a plate for capturing the solar energy from the sun’s rays. This captured energy is used by an electric generator for powering the compressor responsible for the refrigeration process in the air conditioning system.

The solar thermal systems utilize the electricity from the grid for running the fans and the electric control panel. This system is fast losing its place in the solar air condition market as it is less energy-efficient as compared to the solar photovoltaic system.

  • Absorption chillers

This air conditioning system uses solar power from solar panels for running the fan and compressor motor in the system that uses evaporation and condensation for generating cool air. The absorption chillers can also run on batteries charged by the solar panels.

What are the benefits of installing solar power air conditioners?

1. Cost-Effective

The cost of electricity is rising constantly. With more and more appliances being installed in the house, you will notice a rise in your electricity bills.

In summer the electricity use increases with the increased need for cooling systems. High electricity bills are discouraging if you are trying to save money and believe in reducing the carbon footprint on the Earth.

Solar Powered air conditioners can are highly beneficial with regards to cost savings. They can help save around 40% of the electricity bill. The initial investment of a solar air conditioning system may be high, but they are highly energy-efficient and can help cover the high initial cost in a few years.

By using the sun’s energy to run the air conditioning system they not only help save money but also reduce your carbon footprint.

An energy-efficient house is more valuable as compared to one that consumes high amounts of electricity and gas. Hence, if you’re planning to refurbish your building or house, installing a solar-powered air conditioning system will help boost its value in the market.

2. Durable

If your family includes children and pets your house needs a durable air conditioning system. One cannot keep spending on repairs and maintenance of an air conditioner because the pet chewed on some wires or your child damaged the cooling system while playing ball.

Solar powered air conditioning systems are safe for children and pets, and they offer a higher return on your money and provide long-term savings.

Solar energy is reliable and efficient. In case of a system failure or damage, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs.

3. Environment Friendly

Today we all are aware of the fast depletion of fossil fuels and the dangers posed to the environment by using fossil fuels. Using these fuels cause air pollution and are not ecofriendly.

Solar powered air conditioners are a welcome solution and use natural energy for power. Since these air conditioners operate on solar power they do not release any carbon dioxide or harmful gases into the atmosphere.

4. Can be installed in any location with sunlight

It can be very difficult to live in an area during the hot summers where there is difficulty accessing a power generator or power line. One can save money and enjoy cool air in your homes with solar-powered air conditioners.

A solar air conditioner can be directly connected to the property’s power grid. They can work efficiently in any location where there is sufficient sunlight.

Solar air conditioners can function without any additional wiring, they offer instant cooling relief with no wait time. The size of these air conditioners is small and can be installed in every room in the house.

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